Next week, as we celebrate Thanksgiving with friends and family, we pause to give thanks.  This is the time Watermark Associates encourages our clients to find ways to thank their employees, clients, vendors, suppliers, and influencers.  We believe gratitude leads to abundance, and abundance to prosperity.  Thanking those people that make a difference in your life and your bottom line, matters.

With supply chains impacted, this is the perfect opportunity to think out-of-the-box or go retro. Ideally, however you decide to show your gratitude, it should be personal; this is one time where the thought really matters!  Here are a few ideas:

  • Personal holiday card and note: handwritten envelopes get opened. Take a few moments and share your appreciation.
  • Holiday Open House: include food, refreshments, and opportunity spaces for people to interact. If you have a new product or service you are planning to roll out soon, this is also a perfect opportunity to provide a sneak preview.
  • Loyalty discount: For your existing customers, provide a discount. Many times, discounts are offered to get new business, so don’t forget those that are long-standing.
  • Small gift: Find something useful that won’t simply collect dust and is reflective of your brand.

From all of us at Watermark Associates, thank you for your business, for reading our emails, and for following us on social media. Happy Thanksgiving!

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