Community Relations

There is no more important task to the success of a communications effort for your organization than building effective coalitions of supporters to help spread your organization’s brand, message, and benefits. We believe this will lead to broad community support, and these coalitions will reinforce paid media, be key surrogates in a robust rapid response operation… and most importantly, they will preempt opposition. By using this approach from the early stages, your organization will insulate itself from opposition. Preempting opposition and playing offense from Day One is key to success, and effective coalitions of supporters are the best tool for accomplishing that. We believe you have to have “boots on the ground” in order to effectively organize and reinforce messaging on an issue. We deliver information at the “ground level” – in their language, in their neighborhoods, in their churches and in their community organizations. We are also metric driven and will establish aggressive benchmarks for our suggested outreach programs.