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Running For The Kids

Tammy Wilson
CEO,  Oak Grove Center

An avid marathoner who is well on her way to completing seven marathons on seven continents, Tammy Wilson shares her joys, challenges, and successes of running Oak Grove Center. Literally and figuratively running for and with at risk youth she works so hard to serve, grow and protect.

Past Episodes

Just WOW!


Meet the Women of Watermark
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A Fresh Start

Anthony Barkett

Taking a third-generation business back to it's roots
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Listening Channels

Justin Wallin

Tune-in and learn the importance of listening channels, best practices, and good data with marketing concept strategist Justin Wallin.

Internal Market Assessment

Honestly and objectively identifying what your strengths and weaknesses are means also dealing with an organization’s dirty laundry.
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External Market Assessment

Father Sam Keyes

The external market is changing. Think business as usual or the status quo is going to continue to work? We encourage you to think again.
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Customer Journeys

Julie Ngo, State Farm

Customer Journeys are either great or they are not. State Farm’s Julie Ngo shares how she created a purposeful customer experience, built a customer-centric culture, and sets herself apart.

Crisis Communications

Kristi Piatkowski

Crisis Communications is both an art and a science. There is a formula that works when planned, practiced, and executed consistently. Every organization should have a crisis communication plan, or experts to call.

Building Relationships

Prime Lending’s Tara Gallichio

Building business relationships is easier said than done. Keep your sales pipeline full, while taking extraordinary care of your clients. Tara shares client care practices and how that has made all the difference.

Working The Plan

Chuck Painter, Southern California Railway Museum

Squirrel! Distractions that come from both internal & external sources can turn the focus squirrels. Chuck Painter, SCRM Board Member, shares his experience on working the plan and the fundraising success that resulted.


JJ Gutowski, Partner Clipper Aviation

Mentoring has tangible benefits. JJ Gutowski, partner at Clipper Aviation, shares his experience of being mentored, his initial resistance to the process, & ultimately the success mentoring brought him.

Is Print Dead?

Mike Holley, Magazine Publisher

Today’s media choices are diverse. Is print dead and digital the clear choice? Just Wow welcomes Mike Holley, magazine publisher and customer partner, to share his thoughts, experience and insider data.
Why on earth would you

Run For Office?

County Supervisor Scott Silveira

Scott shares his political journey, why he ran, what he learned, and what advice he has for those considering a political office.
A picture is worth a thousand words but

Video is Priceless!

Warren Burley

Storyteller, award-winning cinematographer, producer, and sound master Warren Burley
Does It Always Fall?

A House Divided…

Political Strategists Brenda Quintana & Michael Saragosa

Brenda and Michael are registered to two different parties, share a business… and are married. If they can figure out how to make two philosophies work inside and out of the Capital, we all can.

A Woman’s Place is on the Dais…

Murrieta City Council Member Lori Stone

Murrieta City Council Member Lori Stone is no political newcomer. Lori is a political strategist, campaign manager, and women’s issues advocate. Her brother served at the local and state levels, and she swore she would never run for office: However, she did run, and she won! Listen in to Lori’s story and what made her finally run for office.

Building The Future

Tammy Marine, CEO, Habitat for Humanity Inland Valley

Building homes is only a part of what Tammy Marine from Habitat for Humanity Inland Valley has accomplished in her nearly 30-year career. Tammy shares her journey starting as a team of one and growing to a team of over 100 who serve our community in more ways than you can imagine.

Purpose Driven Leadership

Kim Gerrish
Executive Director, Michelle’s Place Cancer Resource Center

Kim Gerrish found her purpose serving individuals and families suffering from all kinds of cancer. She doesn’t stop there however! Enjoy as she shares her inspiring adventure of being a non-profit leader within her organization, her industry, and our community.