For Water Utilities

With over twenty years of award-winning water utility outreach and communication experience, we understand the challenges water leaders face. We have developed a number of custom services exclusively for water utilities, both public and private, regardless of size. If your business is water, Watermark is your agency.

Consumer Confidence Reports

Water systems provide water service, ensuring public health each and every day by meeting stringent water quality regulations. Providing an easy-to-understand explanation of the resources your agency has invested to ensure water quality and public health should be part of your ongoing communications effort. Water Quality Consumer Confidence Reports (CCRs) are your opportunity to do just that.
Much of the information in a CCR is standard, but it doesn’t have to look that way. Take this opportunity to tell your story, improve public trust and credibility, and establish a public value for water service through your CCR. This is a strategic communication piece that should reach every water user – not just every rate payer – in a dynamic and engaging manner.

Watermark Associates has a stellar team of experts that will compile your water quality data, design an interactive digital platform report that tells your unique story, engage your community, and align with your communications goals while meeting the State Water Resources Control Board’s mandated reporting requirements. CCR Packages are available to fit budgets of all sizes, and custom reports can be developed for agencies that have additional resources.

Technical Translation

Water is a language all its own. The complexities of water treatment, planning, distribution, treatment and management require a broad array of engineering terms, scientific water quality verbiage and formulas. Translating this information into everyday language requires an understanding “water-speak” as well as consumer preferences. Our experience takes the very complex water issues and translates them into everyday people speak, building trust and credibility, improving transparency and building project support.