It’s June, and 2021 is half-way complete. In California, we are anticipating opening up fully.  What that means remains to be seen.  What is evidently clear, over these past six-months, is that things have changed, and are still changing.  Are the SMART goals you crafted for this year still relevant?

Did you get so busy doing working in your business that you forgot to work on your business?

As we approach the summer solstice and thoughts drift to vacations, cook outs, day trips and sunshine, we have a quick goal tune-up that is right on-time.

  • Assess your current goals

    • Are your goals still relevant?
      • Even if the timelines have passed, if the goal is still relevant update the deadline.
    • Did you achieve them?
      • If yes, great! Mark them as complete.
    • Did your Key Performance Indicators accurately reflect your progress?
      • If not, modify what you are tracking and then ensure the right people have the information.
    • Did you get off track?
      • Not a problem. Make sure your goals are incorporated into performance evaluations, staff meetings and that the team has access to your KPI dashboard.
    • Did each goal have a champion?
      • Champions are important. They are usually the reason goals make it into the endzone.  Assign champions for each goal now, or reassign based on talent, time and expertise.
  • Celebrate the wins

    • Milestones and Goals are important, and both should be celebrated. If you did not include how you were going to celebrate each level of success, do it now.
  • Don’t get discouraged

    • It’s easy to feel discouraged when a plan hasn’t worked out or your goals have gone by the wayside. There are often good reasons why things didn’t go as planned – and usually those things are called life.
    • Be kind to yourself and get back on track.
    • Make it a point to start your day with time to plan. Back in the day, the Franklin Covey program started each day with some time for Planning and Solitude. Try it. Before jumping into your tasks, take some time to figure out what is most important, what is on your calendar and just breathe.
  • Ask for help

    • It’s okay to ask for help. If your industry has changed significantly, or other external factors are completely different than what you expected and you just don’t have time to figure it out, call us, we can help.
    • You are an expert at what you do. At Watermark we are business, marketing and communication experts.

Just like you, Watermark is reviewing our goals and now that we are fully open, there is some celebrating in our immediate future.

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