Just for Water Utilities


As public and private water agencies deal with more scrutiny, media and public engagement, the role of the Public Information Officer become more critical.  Smaller to medium size utilities do not always have the resources to employ a full-time Public Information Officer, but rather assign those duties to an administrative or other staff member that may not have the education, skills or experience in media management, message development, communications or community engagement.


This is an expensive risk to take and many times the staff assignment creates additional scrutiny and angst for management or for the Board of Directors. We can help. Watermark Associates provides Public Information Officer (PIO) Solutions to organizations that need to add a public information officer to the team, but aren’t ready to carry the related financial staffing burden.   PIO Solutions are implemented in four distinct phases; setup and assessment, planning, implementation and monitoring and maintenance.  Working with your staff, Watermark Associates will provide your organization seasoned, subject matter PIO expertise to assist in developing your media management strategy, messaging, community outreach efforts, graphic services and communications without the related expense or burden.



Water systems provide water service as well as ensure public health each and every day by meeting stringent water quality regulations.  Providing an easy to understand explanation of the investment of resources devoted to ensuring water quality and public health should be part of your overall communications effort.


Water Quality Consumer Confidence Reports are mandated to do just that.  Although the information is standard, it doesn’t have to look that way. Take the opportunity to tell your story, increase public trust, improve your credibility and establish a public value on water service by using your CCR to reach every water user; not just every rate payer in a dynamic and engaging way.